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Confidence in a Cleaner Environment

Barrier19, LLC leverages an exclusive nation-wide proprietary two-step method of disinfecting and surface coating that creates a cleaner environment.  This is accomplished by utilizing EPA registered compounds and formulas already widely used in the medical community, professional sports venues, universities, restaurants, airline industry, and more.

Petri Dishes

Our Barrier Surface Protectant Technology

 Barrier19 uses effective chemicals which have been tested and utilized for decades in numerous industries.


Using EPA-registered hospital grade disinfectant, our certified technicians carefully apply mPerial to "vulnerable" surfaces that kills harmful viruses, bacteria, and other microbes. Next, our application of mPale Antimicrobial prevents certain microbes from multiplying in the future for weeks and even months.


Who Uses Our Products?

 With proven effectiveness and through hospital studies and professional lab studies, our products are used by large airline carriers, universities, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB teams, hospitals, dental offices, and much more.


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